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That’s why all our home lifts can be adapted to your home’s interior and your personal taste. They combine style and functionality for any house or apartment, whether you are looking to future-proof your home or simply enjoy a modern way of life. Thanks to our unique lift technology, Aritco home lifts are space efficient – requiring a space no bigger than the lift itself.


The Aritco HomeLift is the first ever lift uniquely designed for your home. It has primarily been created to act as a piece of furniture, and as such can either subtly blend into your interior or be made to stand out as a spectacular piece of art, depending on your taste. The Aritco HomeLift provides you with an additional level of comfort and truly ignites the full potential of your home. The Aritco HomeLift is available in five different sizes, and can be supplied in a range of colours. Why not try anthracite grey or moss green?

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Both our home lifts from previous seasons complies with the highest safety standards and are customizable to your needs. The Aritco 4000 is the smallest, most compact home lift on the market and the Aritco 6000 is suitable if you want to choose between different appearances and styles. The Aritco 4000 is available in three sizes and the Aritco 6000 is available in six sizes.

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